About me

Hi there! This site isn't QUITE done yet, but feel free to look around! Anyway, I'm an student studying computer science and mathematics at UC Berkeley, as well as a part time web developer and full-time math and stats enthusiast. I'm interested mainly in scalable machine learning algorithms, as well as bootstrapped methods in statistical learning. My preferred tools inlcude Django, R, MATLAB, and a large chalkboard, though I'm also familiar with other tools, including RoR and whiteboards. Check out my resume for the whole shebang or just scroll down a bit to see some of the cool stuff I've been working on recently!

Want to get in touch? Contact me on any of the social media sources I check, or just email me like a normal person. I'm fine with either :)

Recent Stuff


Inspired by the incredible difficulty of inserting circuit diagrams into LATEX documents with the available tools, this online circuit-drawing tool provides full support for most circuit elements, direct, hassle-free export into circuitikz LATEX (no images needed), as well as localstorage, JSON, and png exports.

Personal site

Yep. This (AMAZING, ONE OF A KIND, INCREDIBLE) one right here. It's a pretty great site, if I do say so myself, and I learned a LOT about design from making a page where functionality and javascript was less important than CSS and visuals, and I finally got the hang of CSS3 transitions/animations.

gj Lang project

(In progress) gj is a (somewhat satirical) matrix-based functional imperative programming language. It is currently targeted as an esolang and compiles to C, but may or may not become a serious language in the future, depending on development and popularity. Read more>